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  • I can help you with your 4th gen trade. let me boot up my diamond and ill get you my fc.
    I do want to help you, but I don't have any time now, I'm about to leave now. Sorry
    ωραια θα σου κάνω τις clones που θες mono πες μου τα ποκεμον που προσφέρεις σε αυτήν εδώ την φόρμα¨:

    Trainer's Pokemon
    Nature | Ability (|Hiddn power type ??)
    OT | ID

    αν δεν μπορεις να μου τα πεις σε VM πες μου τα σε PM
    Απο κρήτη,εχεις trade thread για να ανταλάξουμε το aerodactyl που θες?
    I always liked lead metagross myself :P But, aerodactyl is fine too. So whom have evd trained for in the pass?

    Eving is easy i just dont have the time to do it myself :P, its all about getting pkrs on the poke and making sure you constantly count the right ideas on paper
    Hello, if you have ev training refrences we may have a deal, i may get you to do something else..

    i have this if your intrested since its already evd.. not flawless defense, but i think aerodactyl is going to die from one hit anyway lol I understand though if you dont want it cause of the nickname.
    thomas's aerodactyl ♂ nn: Prozac

    Nature: jolly Ability: pressure
    IVs: 31/30/10/18/31/31
    EVs: 252 Atk/ 252 Speed/ 4 HP
    Moves: Earthquake/Stone Edge/ Stealth Rock/ Taunt
    Aviable:- lvl67 evd fully redi
    Okay, sorry, I didn't fully understand the previous VM :)
    Anyway, sorry for bothering you..
    Nope unfortunately :( I will be able later but in 10 hours I guess.
    What were the pokemon btw? I remember Mastadi's gliscor
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