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  • Hm, so I guess you also missed the part where I say all my UT Pokémon are on 5th gen only?
    In order to breed Larvitars with Stealth Rock, I need an Aron or a Shieldon. Unfortunately, I do not have either at this time. I'm really sorry. Otherwise, your Pokemon are both ready. My FC is 1764 2209 9610.
    That would be great. As soon as you get a hold of one, shoot me a VM and I'll start breeding ASAP.
    I would be willing to breed you a Larvitar and a Zorua in exchange for a Thundurus. VM me back if interested. Thank you for your time.
    I do have a life outside of pokemon. I'm working on stuff and taking breaks every once in a while. Now that you have successfully irritated me, i dont feel like doing it anymore. Sorry.
    i gotta wake up in 7 hours so no. Find someone else if you have no patience. I'm not really getting anything out of it and hatching for a specific gender can take time.
    No as long as they are lvl 1 so I can EV them or you can throw in a ditto and I will just give you another pp up.
    I'm going to be out of the house tomorrow to go to run errands and do other stuff. I can probably breed them while I'm out. So i guess around this time tomorrow i could have them by then. Also do they have to be female?
    i will do it for 1 pp up/heart scale/ or rare candy per pokemon. Just not tonight. Gonna head to sleep soon.
    i can breed for all of the pokemon you need. you got any thing worth trading? battle items, egg move pokemon?
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