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  • Thank you very much. ^^ I am using an AR however, I know my way around the RNG reporter, but only how to RNG breed or breed for shiny nature / gender etc. lol So how do I go about capturing or preparing to capture? Where and how do I use a seed that I find?
    That Pikatimer "guide" didn't help me at all. lol Like.. not even a little! So yeah I'd appreciate that. ^^ And if you ever get time.. some "how to RNG capture" tips! I just don't know how to start, I know I can use seeds that are already found, I don't want any shinies... I know you have to do things in game to increase the frames etc, how to do the other stuff just not how to get started! =P
    I just really don't understand Pikatimers. lol it doesn't make any sense whatsoever to me. What's with all the timer countdowns!?
    Hehe sometimes, I'm not using Pikatimer or anything like that so I expect that would make it difficult to RNG capture things since you need to hit certain.. high delays. lol I used to hit 602, but lately I've been finding it hard to hit my old delay and end up on 598.. o.0 Suppose my fingers are getting quicker! lol
    I bet. o.0 Though people claim it's easier to catch than breed, perhaps not easier but less hassle..
    I assume catching Pokémon is a bit like abusing for shiny, ability and gender? =) I just don't know where to start. lol
    lol yeah, it was good! ^^ I learned my RNGing from your videos. Although there was a few things I had to learn or understand myself but that's okay, I'm well used to using my brain. ;) I've yet got to learn catching though, there's no real good tutorials on that. lol I liked how yours were step by step, going through it all and I could follow by doing the same things myself as well. =) So thank you for uploading!

    Oh and thank you for catching me the Budew! ^^
    Oh thank you for letting me know. =) I don't mind you doing it at all if Acid is ok with it of course! If you're planning on doing it in HG/SS I'd love it to be in a Love Ball or Friend Ball, but the Nest Ball is just as good. ^^ By the way, you added up a few tutorial videos on Youtube on RNGing didn't you?
    If that's not too much of a trouble for you, it would be awesome D:

    How long would something like that take?
    lol ok well good luck with your thread

    side comment: you need to start battling all the pokemon you have and you don't battle
    Lol ok.wellmay I ask do you need any more eving or is it all CPS for now
    Dude finally you are back. Lol you can get you're abomasnow I evd for you back now I had it done the same day you gave it to me I vm'd you and everything yet you didn't respond
    I'm not going to force it on you. :P I just wanted to offer one more time since the new thread you have said you had more free time.
    Since you have a little more free time, I still have your Golem if you want it back.
    Are you sure? I could get it back to you now since you appear to be online.
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