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  • what happened between us is traumatic. but i don't want to give up on finding someone who loves me, i only have 2 friends, i'm terrified of meeting people incase they too wish to abandon me so i've isolated myself. i dont know why you refused to let me to change my behaviour so we could make things work. i was trying to achieve that by going on medication. i love you even if there's no hope i'll see you again <3
    are you okay Mel? apologies for reaching out to you but having seen on the news that the flooding in belgium has killed 92 people i came to make sure you're safe
    happy birthday sis. i still really love you despite what happened, haven't forgot the time we spent together or how much you helped me during your time with me. thank you for looking after me for so long and i hope you have fun today <3
    i feel dead on the inside, you've had me blocked for 2 years. why dont you want to forgive me? haven't i suffered enough punishment? you could fix our relationship if you wanted to but you never reached out to me. im turning 25 this weekend and the only excitement i feel about getting older is that one day i'll finnaly die and can rest in my grave knowing i no longer have to feel like you don't love me anymore.
    i know you will never unblock me and im only hurting myself waiting for you to come back, i want to stop contacting you for ur own wellbeing and so that i stop re-opening the wound every time i try ask you to be friends with me. i'm not happy without you but i wont be able to cope if i don't accept defeat. I lost everything because i was rude and selfish and i need to accept the consequences. love you sis
    I'm still not over you, it's traumatic to lose someone close to you and i dont think i'll ever be okay. i've numbed myself to all of those feelings for your sake with antidepressants so we could carry on being friends. I'm sorry for not loving you the way a brother is supposed to but i was sick and needed treatment. i want to earn your trust again even if it takes years. can we please start over someday? i love you
    happy new year Mel, my only wish this year is to see you again even if its only for one day. that wont happen, just know i love you and want you to be happy :)
    wishing you and your family a happy christmas Sis. i still have a brain injury but what gives me hope is i think we may meet again someday, even if that doesnt happen ill always love my sister and that gives me a reason to keep fighting this injury, i promise i'll survive even if i never heal. as long as you still love me :)
    i still love you with all my heart and i realize i'll never forget you, i dont enjoy my life when everyday i'm reminded that my sister is gone. i've missed you for what feels like an eternity. i want to see you again, i just feel like im far too late for you to still see me as family. you made me feel like i matter when nobody else cared. please dont dissapear from my life never to return :( im in alot of pain
    i've gone through hell ever since you left. that drug made me impotent and emotionless. this condition has made it so that i'll never be able to be in a relationship and will always be lonely. i can't move on with life because of this. i cant develop feelings towards people anymore, im disabled and my life is over. im not even human anymore. i want you to care about my suffering. i feel that would help me so much Sis
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