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  • Send me a message when you log on please on MSN. I want to try and be in Team Mexico and want to make some plans against the Brazilians.
    Hi, I'm sorry; I didn't see the notification at the top of my screen :/ Can you play right now on CAP server?
    D: I was already gone by 11:17, I meant 10:15 D:

    Would you be open to play sometime today?
    Alright, I'll be back in about 45...so let's shoot for playing at 8:15 PM my time? (10:15 yours)

    Let's play on CAP server, since I generally have better connection there?
    Alright, 1st of January afternoon should be...just an hour or so from now lol. I'll be on for the next couple of hours also, and I'm ready to battle.
    I'll try to be on the forum tomorrow, and lets see if we can set a time/date.
    i would say 1st of january in the afternoon or anytime of 2nd of january.
    hmm...I don't have an MSN. However I'll be on here most of the time the next few days as well.

    My team has a slight issue though, lemme fix it and then we'll set a definitive date/time? Alternately if we just run into each other online we can play whenever as well?
    Hi, I am your opponent for ST6. When can you battle? I am pretty much free for the next few days, but if possible I'd like to get this done by the 3rd since I go back to school on the 4th. I am in PST timezone. Just VM or PM me when you get this message, and I hope we have an exciting battle ^_^
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