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  • it depends on what the changes are - if its adding a set or something, that would be posted in the analyses subforum. if it's something that needs to be fixed on-site it would be either posted in small objective changes (a typo, wording, etc.) or small subjective changes (which are usually edits that require metagame knowledge and may be controversial)

    you can find small objective changes and small subjective changes in the 5th generation subforum of c&c
    For now it's just me making those lists and having mods c/p on occasion. Thanks though!
    Just have read your breeding guide, most of it I already knew, though.
    But I wondered, does Synchronize work in the Dream World, cuz I didn't see anything of that in the guide ...
    Yeah I get what you mean. When I lived there and talked with other people about it, I would tell them where I lived and they would never know where I was talking about xD

    It's got like 6 million people in the Valley area if I remember correctly
    Woa, hey your from Phoenix. I lived there like 6 months ago for like 4 years. What part do you live East or West? I used to live on the West side/Glendale/Maryvale area :3
    Hi :]
    How's the non C-gear RNG?
    Have you also tried to hatch shinies?
    Me? I have...moderately lots of em, like 20+
    IVs are always frame 1, standard seed, and PID is usually around 40-50 but varies by seed.
    Well.. first off, check your minute. If you hit the same thing a minute early, it looks like you hit it a second late. The seeds are the same.

    If you're sure, you can either set the target for a second earlier to make up for it or you can lower your minute by 1.
    You have inspired me to RNG without any codes. I want to RNG a Zekrom. How can I find out if I hit my seed?
    Wow,When i saved infront of the daycare man knowing he has an egg,Set my date and time and started the timer and all and when i got my egg and hatched it to check its IVs,i search for IVs it says No match was found for your IVs,Shouldn't this be the same as stationary legendaries except the frame is 10?
    Hello I have seen you around the 5th gen PRNG help thread and I was wondering if you can explain the steps to Rng in gen 5. I learned how to rng in gen 4 a few months ago but gen 5 confuses me. I'm sorry if this is a dumb request.
    Btw,I heard that when RNGing an egg you shouldn't use Any power items,Is that true?
    And can i use an Everstone to help getting the nature i want?
    Thats more than enough,Thanks man your the best!
    If i get a trade thread up i'll be sure to give you infinite credits :)
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