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  • I know, and mine wont work so I have to do it without, and was told you knew how, but thanks for letting me know that.
    I cant get my Action Replay updated, so I heard you are the one to go to for help with C-Gear RNG in Gen 5? If you could that would help a lot.
    You wouldn't happen to know/show me where to find out what speed a jolly Zekrom would have with 31 Speed IVs at Lv. 50? It's base 90 if that helps at all.
    BTW, try using Ditto if what I've said works.
    But I'm not yet sure...

    Maybe you'll try it to those Pokes that you're sure you've hit your seed, especially if they can be shiny.
    For now, I'll go to sleep. It's 2:37 am here...
    But I'm still excited for my newly-bought Black cart.
    I copied this from Bulbapedia, about the mechanics of Transform...

    Transform changes the user's current type(s), current stats, current stat levels, current move(s), current species, current cry, and current catch rate to that of the target's.
    Transform does not copy the target's status ailments, level, current or maximum HP, base experience, palette colors, or the generic minimize image.

    I'm not really sure yet if using Ditto works, because I haven't tried yet since ever.
    Although you could try it, to see if it works. Remember, HP can't be copied.

    Maybe the only possible way to see if Victini's HP IV is perfect is to use a Level 58 Poke with Night Shade/Seismic Toss against Victini.
    IIRC, when HP IV is flawless, then HP is 59.
    If it survives, then it more likely has 31 HP IV...although the IV could be from 27-30, if not 31.
    I see...especially Pokes that are never shiny...they are hard to check, right?

    In your case...about capturing Victini...does using Ditto to transform into Victini, and checking transformed Ditto's stats help in checking if you've hit your seed?

    Victini is Lvl 15, right?
    If it is, then it must have stats of 59 for HP and 39 for stats other than HP, assuming if neutral nature...for it to have perfect IVs.
    Or maybe a Lvl 58 poke with Seismic Toss or Night Shade might help in checking if it has 31 IV in HP...
    EDIT: Finished unchecking that checkbox from my User CP.
    Now you can send me a VM.
    But I still let those banned members stay in my Ignore List ;)

    BTW, why is the calibration hard?
    Is it very hard?
    Thanks for the reply ^^

    BTW, I think I'll stop blocking other members not in my friends list, for the VMs I mean...
    I did it because in the past, there were bothersome members who do nothing but stalk and harass other members. But they're currently IP-banned now ;)
    I think you're already good in 5th Gen. RNG, right? ^^

    If you don't mind, how about teaching me how to RNG?
    (I already had my C-gear)
    Is it true that I don't need those parameters thingy if I'm using C-gear to RNG?
    GG. I shouldn't have done that T-wave on Gengar, but I really thought that you were going to Pain Split me. xD
    Lol 1 hp after substitute you got lucky lol and GG that machamp caught me off guard
    Lol yeah when i battle people when they host it usually dont work but when i host it does
    good game. i think you had it though was running out of pp. sorry bout the voice chat. im new at this only joined 3 days ago
    i didnt know what weather ball did and it looks like you took advantage of my sandstrom lol
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