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  • Good to see you're still out and about, old boy. It's nice to pop-in on Smogon time and again and see some familiar fa--user names.
    Hey havent seen you on but let me know if your intrested to finish off our pending :)
    Hiya! sorry I was busy for my 18th B-day yesterday and wasn't home all day. I can trade tomorrow :D
    Hello! I'm looking for Kazo's Latias.
    Do you still have it?
    If so, would you like to trade it for something?
    I don't have trade thread like you but if you tell me Pokemon you're looking for, I'll see if I have it or not.
    No problem I was resetting my modem and route but it wasnt working...send me a VM when your free tomorrow :D
    I cant get in right now :(, I need a few minutes. And I will be trading on my Platinum. I keep on getting Error code 61010 aswell on my White version.
    Hey, it's fine, I totally understand the need to get Pokemon XD

    I'm trying to avoid Gen 4 trades for stuff I don't NEED right now, so I'm going to refuse...sorry XD
    Oh hey, I saw that Metalex got to you before you still want to trade? Or are you getting the Pokemon from them?
    Sorry for the late reply. Im still playing through my Pokemon White. In that case what about Pokeguy`s Tangela?
    Thats no problem :), I like these 4. These will make excellent parents. I would like them UT also please.

    *Careful Walrein with Curse & Yawn
    *Careful Slowking with Curse & Aqua Tail
    Adamant Magmortar with Belly Drum & Cross Chop
    Flora`s *Sassy Abomasnow with Leech Seed
    Hello wondering if your still looking for the Gamestop events? Crowned Beasts and Celebi. I RNGed all 4 of them and there in my thread if your intrested. If you are I will take a peak at your thread :D
    Sorry, I was kind of busy with my thesis and logged out before seeing your VM. Let me know when you can trade.
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