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  • hey stath, just wanted to ask if "suicide concept" team from long ago is still viable in todays metagame? Not the actual team of course but the concept of that style of HO and if yes do you have to run screens or veil nowadays because of all the fast, powerful threats in SM?
    Hey dude

    honestly i don't know; i'm still getting acquainted with the SM metagame. i think something similar should still work, although even the original idea was kind of one-dimensional. might be a nice thing to have in the quiver but not something to bring to many games

    i'll let you know if i have a more concrete opinion after learning the meta more
    omg my mans!

    how you been?
    wus goooooooooood

    oh u know standard life j chillin, working that 9/5 and about to give all my free time back to Pokémon
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