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  • lol Guess I'll be the one apologizing for a late reply, been working too. Anyway, here's my stuff:
    female DW pokes: Dratini, Nidoran, Gligar, Lickitung, Vulpix, Poochyena (also got Poliwag and Eevee but I've only got one each so I'll have to breed first, but that's fine by me).

    -egg move pokes(just in case you're interested in something): Timburr with Drain- and Mach punch(adamant), Scraggy with DD, Drain- and Ice Punch, Chikorita with Leaf Storm and Leech Seed, Ferroseed with Leech seed, Growlithe with Close Combat and Morning Sun, Koffing with Pain Split and Dwebble with Spikes
    I HAVE a lileep, but I don't have it on me. Ill let you know, bwcause I bred my own.
    what I am mainly looking for is Pokemon that cannot be bred, I.E, Arceus, Staryu, etc.
    Or perhaps pokemon that are aesthetically appealing in a Dream Ball, like Nidoran-M
    Thank you, that works out perfevtly.
    Let me know if you do any more entralink RNG's
    Head out / in ?
    is cgear on or off?
    keep it off.

    Thanks for the trade!
    Redis Rights?
    Mine is:
    4599 0780 7819

    Ill be in wifi in just a bit, be inside in 3 mins, no less, k?
    Alright, Rash SB Carvahna, and Zwablu for our tauros? its a deal. I have a new FC, so hokd on
    I am free to trade now, but I don't have lileep. .-.
    virtuaally All day, I am GmT -5, US central.
    so atm, it is 2:15 PM
    I do, I can give you botg tommorow, when I am able to trade!
    unfortunately, no. But I do own all the DW females, I believe.
    and while I do have some shiny DW pokes, they are not mine.
    sorry for replying so late i was at my friends for 3 weeks and i had no internet for awhile until after i left for his house. yeah 1 credit=1 poke
    Hey there, I am very interested in your Adamant DW tauros. look at my shop in my "about me" I have my own RNG'd pokes :3
    By any chance, are you going to do an Analytical Staryu?
    Unfortunately, I got it already. If you have a female DW Carwanha or other DW pokes, I can breed you one.
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