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  • man your badgeset is great! big congrats stone, all the hard work these years pulled you guys to do it, happy for team east :]
    hey, ik you said you were havin internet problems earlier (plus you're just off a wcop win so tutoring's probably like the last thing on your mind) but you said you'd be gettin back sometime today so i was wondering if you'd be able to tutor me sometime today/tomorrow
    yay, really happy for ur trophy, Stone - you've been a face of tournament scene for awhile now, and the blue suits you well ;)
    Before you begin to read this, I'd like you to know that a 420 character limit is straight-up BULLSHIT. Just how am I supposed to contain my gratitude for THE Stone_Cold22 in just four-hundred and twenty characters?
    It looks like Smogon has finally come to its senses and realized that it needs to honor the world's greatest Pokémon player (and World Cup of Pokémon manager, for that matter) with a Staff Member banner.
    I can't say I'm surprised that this day has come; rather, I'm surprised it hadn't come sooner. I, for one, am glad that this day has finally come, and I implore that all visitors to this wall congratulate the man: Stone_Cold22, on receiving what he's deserved for ages.
    I'll start this off by extending my sincerest congratulations to the mighty Dave; I hope that one day I grow up to be half the man you are, and that one day you will receive Administrator powers in order to enrich the lives of every Smogon user.

    Ok ik you said you you're on vacation and all but actually though when would you like to start tutoring me?
    u r the volume of a right circular cylinder of diameter 2√q and height t
    ps get an avatar already so youre easier to identify! (that, or post on my wall~)
    I get it
    is q = -1? :D
    [20:12] <CTC> hoes on my dick
    [20:12] <CTC> cuz i look like
    [20:12] <CTC> stone_cold22
    yeah wait until you meet an uber powerful character with... a horse wiener :D
    well the first 11 episodes are normal and the last episode is really fucked up, but the ending was really the best part of the series! thanks for the suggestion, i'll definitely check it out :)
    I demand you guys change your flag for the "U.S. EAST DOES WORK" one ASAP!
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