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  • Hi :)
    I see you dont like RNG.
    I have a trade thread full of non-RNG Pokemon...
    Do you have good non-RNG Pokemon?
    Id like to trade some stuff then :)
    Seen the Anti-RNG group, reminds me of the better times.

    Oh, and my Xbox is what dragged me away from Smogon, that and the loss of my Pearl. Poker however has brought me back.
    you and me both :( now whenever I drop on here, every thread has nothing but flawless pokemon and it's just like... what's the point?
    So ... i want to try this Roulette battle. XD;
    6 pokemon are randomly chosen?

    How though? :0
    You got xbl? Or just play on silver? And me too the only person I really talk to from older days is goodbar.
    I have no idea how they're doing >.<. Unfortunately, I lost contact with every Smogoner I knew once I got an Xbox/better PC. I've been spending quality time with Valve games for the last 2 years (Team Fortress 2, Half-Life series, Portal, Left 4 Dead, etc.).
    We're as cool as ice 8) And cool, how are they doing? I spoke to mad not to long ago too. Whatcha been up to? Oh and nice battle on youtube :)
    11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66.

    I have 100 pokemon, use me Platinum FC.
    Man I love you roulette game. That was the first time I ever heard of that. Also....dude I got an infraction for asking what that was......I mean I just joined the forum last night. They expect me to know everything?
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