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  • I do not understand what you mean that you have them done. I have not given the pokemon to you to ev train yet?
    The time right now is 7:48pm and the ev spreads are
    1: magicarp/garydos ?/252/?/?/?/252 moves bite/waterfall the other 2 I will put on later
    2:beldum/metang/metagross ?/252/126/?/126/? moves zen headbut/earthquake the other 2 I will put on later
    the question marks mean I really do not care as long as the ones I have numbers on are done.
    and I put all the evolution names in there because I want them fully evolved.
    tomorrow would be best. I am at work and that is where I do all my trading and chatting.
    I need 2 pokemon ev trained real bad and I am not that good at it. I have a level 1 shiny beldum and a level 1 shiny magicarp I need trained. they are both adamant so my moves will be physical.
    In regards to the event regigigas I have one question for you how good are you at ev training?
    i know you wouldn't give me any hacked pokemon, because that would make you get in the blacklist, is just suspicious that this gligar has the last 4 moves it can learn by leveling up at lv 1
    but then why does it know guillotine, actually i don't care how it get guillotine, because im not even gonna use that move, but i do care if you use cheats or anything to change its IVs so they were the ones i asked for
    no, it is illegal because i checked and gligar can't learn guillotine by egg move, the only way for him to learn that move is until lv 45
    but it isn't legal right, because it knows guillotine and that only can learn it until lv 45
    well,my FC is on my signature, which FC one should i add? i guess the platinum right?
    btw, is there any possibility that i can receive it as an egg and i can simply hatch it and still have the IVs?
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