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  • lol that sucks. that was literally like 30 minutes before i left...ok then ill try to be on tomorrow but i have to leave at 1 pm my time (13 hours from this post) so try to be there if you can i guess :/
    ok you havent been on since the 24th and today was our scheduled day...i wont be on again till later today tho so hope to catch you on...
    I didn't trade it to him, but all of my Pokemon are fully redistributable on the forums. Thank you for taking the time to let me know though! :)
    Did you trade a shiny Cresselia to the user Stormfront? They're offering a shiny Cresselia with the OT Sudo, so I figured it could be you.
    No problem sudo. I can totally do that for you. Just shoot me a vm and I'll be ready to pick it up from you :)
    Hi Sudo I seen on your thread that you said " You still need to get an AR " Im just wondering if you needed clones on the 3 Pokemon you traded me?
    Sounds good :),please use my platinum fc I will hop on wifi in like 2 minutes and wait ^^
    Oh Im sorry I misread, Im using my iPhone :P. Would I be able to take your Modest Giratina instead? And those 3 sound good!

    Thanks for being so nice about the VM ^^ some people usually bash me for sending them VM's... =/. I asked Bakus for these but she told me to ask you first :P.
    Hi there Sudo, Sorry about this but I didnt want to bump your thread cause im not sure if you wanted it bumped. Could you plz CMT for your Dive Ball Eevee, TRU Shaymin and Timid Rotom? Again my apologies for this :(
    Eep, sorry - I ended up getting the Eevee elsewhere, lol. Do you mind if I get your Tru Shaymin instead? Feel free to pick another redis for it if you'd like?
    Hey there Sudo, could I trouble you with one more CMT? It's another Eevee just a different ball ^^
    Thank you for the trade - just to make sure (even though I know you stated it in your thread) your pokes are fully redistributable?
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