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  1. Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament VII - Cycle 1 Signups

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  2. SS OU Slowbro + Chansey Teleport Offense (1800+ on ladder)

    I feel like it isn't easy for Clefable and other Pokemon to status the whole team since Chansey is also well known for being a status absorber since it has the ability Natural Cure which allows it to absorb any stauts and then switch out. I would definitely not run Aromatherapy on this occasion...
  3. SS OU Updated - Looking for some help with my team

    The thing is that if you remove Corviknight and Excadrill, you remove all of your ways to remove hazards. hazards would be a pain to your team especiallly spikes. Because of this I recommend keeping either Corviknight or excadrill, or replacing Corviknight with a defogger like Mandibuzz to help...
  4. SS OU Venusaur Sun Team

    You do lose in the long run to those pokemon regardless of sun since you are weaker and lack recovery. Running attack doesnt mean anything since it makes you take more damage. You are somehow expecting your snorlax not to be chipped enough for volc to kill. you need sustain. If a mon is only...
  5. SS OU Venusaur Sun Team

    Don't run assault vest on snorlax. With this it lacks any form of recovery so you still lose to volcarona and magearna in the long run. I suggest you run this set for snorlax: Snorlax @ Leftovers Ability: Thick Fat EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD Careful Nature - Curse - Body Slam - Rest - Heat...
  6. SS OU First Team Grassy Terrain

    Why are you running Mudsdale? Its a lot worse than Hippowdon and has no recovery option so i do not see why you are running it over hippo. Also about milotic, it just gets walled by common Pokemon such as toxapex and slowbro and any water type in general. It doesn't really do anything for the...
  7. SS OU Mudsdale Balanced Team

    I wouldn't even call this stall.
  8. SS OU Need help with this standard Sand Balance

    Oh the Toxapex is there so that if Excadrill cant win, i have another win condition to use, which is the Sand + Tspikes. I was thinking that Toxapex also could use Knock off over baneful bunker now Dracovish is no longer a threat to this team. And I will use mandibuzz over corviknight now since...
  9. SS OU Need help with this standard Sand Balance

    And why would bulk up corviknight be good on this team?Explain.
  10. SS OU Need help with this standard Sand Balance

    why would u run iron defense body press on corv lol Toxapex is a great pivot, tanks 99 percent of attacks , and burns physical threats.
  11. SS OU CB Grass Terrain Rillaboom W/ Grassy Seed Lucha (ft. webs lo vikavolt + specs mew)

    Why are you doing an RMT, if you are not being open to any changes for your team?Teleport clef can take all the status so no need to run aromatherapy whatsoever, its a waste of a slot and generally you should keep offensive pokemon as healthy as possible. so switching them in vs defensive...
  12. SS OU Need help with this standard Sand Balance

    Why special attack on rotom?
  13. SS OU Need help with this standard Sand Balance

    Vish is Banned so i dont know what 'fish' is. NP hydra means I have to go hard clef, hippo isnt an answer, if hippo is in vs np hydra i click whirlwind. I also forgot to say Hippo is Leftovers over smooth rock now. Rotom also doesnt help with my matchups vs common ghost types such as aegislash...
  14. SS OU Need help with this standard Sand Balance

    The point of the team is to pressure Mandibuzz and force it in and slowly weaken it throughout the game, besides, if mandi isnt above 80 percent, exca kills it.
  15. SS OU Curselax

    Venusaur without sun is just bad cos it dies to most attacks so it has to outspeed things red card mew is not good outside of hyper offense.