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  • That's good. Are you planning on trading again once B2W2 comes out? Any interest at all? I'm not sure if I want to even buy it now lol
    Awesome. I warn you it will be early morning though. Will you be up? We can trade sunday

    How have you been?

    Edit: can you stay up until your 11:00 PM today?
    You got it sunshine the items are yours. Well it's up tO you. Let me know if you need anything cloned / EV trained.
    If you need me to attach any items let me know.
    Is it possible you can give me some dittos or something? looks like I'll just relearn to RNG to see if I can get the Pokemon myself. Thanks for trying to help me out though!
    Thats great! Have fun! :)

    We might have to do it next week though. I'm going home for the weekend and want to spend time with the family. But next week I'll stay on campus and use their wifi! If not, at my time, 6/23/13 2:00 - 5:00 PM (GMT -6) Which should be your 7:00 - 10:00 AM so just check around that time?

    So you wanted:
    Justified Lucario
    Magic Bounce Abra (Female)
    Telepathy Ralts (Female)
    Justified Absol (Female)
    Anticipation Eevee (Female)
    Plus any cloning you might need!

    Is that acceptable?
    When we trade it might have to be your early morning, (which is my late afternoon) I can't be at my friends house at like 10 PM lol...
    Okay, can i trade the arcanine for my meinshao. I did my own hitmontop this morning. :)
    Okay,sort of confused. DId you already get a meinshao?
    or do you want my meinshao for aracnine and something else of mine for hitmontop.
    It sort of is. It will be easier to explain on IRC. Sorry! I just hate our timezones :/ I keep missing you. I'll try to catch you before you leave for school!
    I also have some things to give you too.

    [edit] also let me know when you can be available!
    Got those Pokes in your wants list. I assume that you were looking for Pokes that were simply to be used for breeding. I felt that those three could be goodies for my own too, so I bred them:


    Lemme know when you'd like to trade.
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