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  • i have to admit i really love your irc-messages (the one which appear when you quit)
    dude where are you? i miss you
    I logged onto irc just to talk to you.
    aww you logged at the wrong time >_<, y'know i'm usually around at night... but hope to see you soon =)
    hey sorry my internet was trolling me and when it came back you were already gone ;_;

    no i don't use any im, i just come to irc from time to time, sorry >_<
    deo-d and the bird...

    and yeah it sucks... it seems that people like to ban things they're not confy with
    lol this is too much, i mean it was just yesterday when bw came out, last year bw2... and this one pokemon y/x?

    Nintendo has gone too far this time >_>
    i just played it and i have to say they made Reimu SO CUTE i'm starting to like her >_<
    do you know where can i download it?, i'm on the official webpage but there's no link available! >_<
    Have you ever watched an anime called "Futakoi Alternative"?

    If not then you should. Maybe then you'll be able to (under)stand the first 10 chapters of steins;gate...
    oh not really, i believe i don't have enough skill to show off in those sites >_<; i'd rather get a pixiv account tho XD

    but i'm planning to start drawing again, so new work should come up soon... (hopefully)
    please come asap because i'm gonna go to sleep soon, i'm waking tomorrow really early
    ok i was around and didn't find you; i hope we can coincide -this sunday- i guess...
    Last day is sunday; tomorrow i may arrive home quite late, around 11:30pm, is it ok with you?
    uh seems you're not anymore.

    I can play saturday night or sunday evening-night as well
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