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  • I haven't heard of the mewtwo ex glitch xD Although once my full art teriakon could attack like the writing on the card full out disappeared including being able to select an attack... another time someone used a catcher against me and I was given the option to cancel the switch :P It's cool knowing someone on smogon whom plays tcgo maybe ill see you in a match some time since thats the only way to battle someone... since mutliplayer doesn't work yet ._.
    There is still so many bugs in the game though I found out about the rare candy gardevoir glitch in game :/
    ah supe you play it too ;D do you use a different screen name? i just started getting really into it !
    75 degree christmas thats awesome :) We didnt even have an snow in canada either it was kind of a let down though since we usualy get snow but my holidays were good. Hope you had a good new years as well ! nice to hear from ya supe
    Sorry, but I was on my way out. I probably can do it tonight thought, I don't have access to irc right now as I bought a new computer, but I'll see if I am unlazy enought to figure it out tonight :P
    I prefer if you trade it back, I accurally have most of my platinum pokes on another platinum :P My time zone is GMT +1 :) Usually on at evenings.
    hey supe iv'e just been asking around this question to some people who rng'd in emerald but, do you happen to have a shiny 3rd gen mew that can be nicknamed. Id trade almost anything for it :P I need it for a theme team. Anywho just wondering :3
    please supe, do not make fun of your own death... that is not nice :/

    No but seriously lol what a way to die, I'd hate to share a name with that idiot haha
    i see. thanks. i guess, i should only consider looking for frames that high when if i have so much time on my hands. I was referring to your hp fire latias by the way. :)
    hi supe, im interested on how you got those amazing method 1 spreads on your hoenn pokemon. im trying to find similar ones, especially for latias, but i can't seem to get it, like that hp fire for example. and how long did you wait for them to reach such high frames?? O_o
    I know, it has been a long time... I am very busy with work and school. My old thread hasn't been reinstated since several months back, so there was kinda no point for me to really play the game, in addition to the fact that I will never get to learn to RNG abuse. hahaha given the chance, I (will) still try to play my game, although there really is not much incentive for now except some cool pokes from gen5. Anyway, I just thought to catch up with you and see what is new over here. It seems there is not much old time players here, or not as much as before. =)
    Omg! I guess that to be expected by something bred by me xD Well, I'm accurally interested in jolly and adamant flash fire :D
    Oh thank goodness! I remembered I had another female that had slightly less Defense so I was worried I gave that to you instead. I hope you enjoy it :)
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