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  • Can you make it 6:30 PST, as that would be a bit more convenient for myself?
    So, when would be a good time to battle for SPL? Anytime tomorrow would work for me, EST BTW.
    Hey friendo, your post about SubDD Gyarados was on the wrong thread. You're looking for Simple Questions, Simple Answers. You posted in Landorus-I's suspect thread.
    same place as always, or you can just go on synirc and /query BKC
    hey i know the last round ended but do you want to continue tutoring? we can take as long as you want
    saturday at that time works fine, i think thats around the time i'll get home lol
    yeah i kept meaning to vm you but i always forgot =/

    how about the ratemyteam chan?
    Ugh I have to leave in like 10 ):

    I'm at my grandparents' atm and will be this upcoming week, which means less 'net, so how about Saturday?
    Sure, I'm pretty flexible so just name a time and I'll try to be on
    It's cool, I DC'd too lol, I'll be on later today so whenever you see me on, hit me up
    Generally around this time [evenings for me], although I can adapt if you need me to.
    That'd be great, because it's easier to talk and most of the Smogon community uses it so you can get better acquainted with that. I'm GMT +1, you?
    Hiya, I'm your tutor for this round of B101. Do you use IRC at all?
    SuperChillarmy, I sincerely apologize for this mistake, but Alakazam is actually a Dark Horse mon this month x_x;; I was looking at January's stats by accident. If you want to work with Alakazam feel free to do so!
    Tell me, in how many hours are you online? Counting from the moment of this post. Ill be there then.
    Yeah. I am able from now and the coming like.. 18 hours. Tell me in how many hours (after this message) you are able to come online.
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