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  • Yes! Ironically the Ubers tier is that with the highest number of n00bs, and Charizard appears to be a staple on n00bs teams... That makes me sad since it's hard to me to find a decent Uber player.
    "It's a shame that all this time I thought Metagross was actually good, only to be proven wrong by that article on Stuff You Should Not Be Using
    It'd be really interesting if Metagross actually drop to UU."

    That article is only a matter of opinion. Scrafty is still usable in OU, Metagross is not so bad, Claydol is actually good in UU, and speaking of honorable mentions, Whimsicott is amazing, Azumarill is great especially under rain, Hitmontop is a great spinner even in OU, and Virizion is great against rain teams except Tornadus-T. Electivire is not very good, but in lower tiers it can be a monster, and it's also a monster when you Baton Pass Shell Smash to him.

    Obviously you are not going to use stuff like Charizard in Ubers, when you can use Reshiram or Ho-Oh instead.
    It's fine. I'll let you know if we hold any future tournaments (which would be quite lucky but... who knows?
    That was a good game today, sorry about the DC, it wasnt intentional though. hope to play you again simetime
    I've learned already all I got to do is when a new message pops up worth responding APPROPIATELY to, I can just edit it. Thing is, how do I quote them?
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