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  • Hello! Long time no talk. :)
    RL has calmed down a little (not completely but I can't complain), so I'm back from my hiatus from this site and Pokemon. I hope you've been well? Are you playing Black/White? I see that your last activity here was Jan 1st, I hope to hear back from you sometime but no rush of course. :D Take care!
    When you've chosen a shiny spread it gives you a frame, you need to hit that.
    You already hit your seed by calling Elm, which is good. After you put the parents in the daycare you can advance your frame by calling Joey (It advances with 2). It's in your interests to pick an odd frame, as picking up the egg advances the frame with 1.

    Hope this helped.
    They're fully redis. And don't worry. I got all the pokemon iv checked. Because someone helped me found a HG iv check cheat code that works. ^^

    And my RNGing is coming quite well.
    Oh yes, there's definitely room for improvement...namely, this team could use a better trainer behind it who doesn't make stupid mistakes as often as I do. Currently I don't have a bred, IV'd version of this team, as I'm going to try and finalize the team setup first. However, if you want to try them out on Shoddy, I've got a download link in the thread.

    Heatran could be interesting, and I'm assuming it would replace Dragonite. Octillery already has Water Spout, a Base 150 that functions the same way as Eruption. T

    Aggron would also be interesting, and I see it working similarly to Marowak with more Defense and significantly better resistances. My Marowak takes full advantage of its 568 Attack stat, though it doesn't have but a Base 120 at its disposal.

    I will try them both and let you know how it goes. My current CRE is 1315 on TeamUber.
    Oh, and I'll update you if it changes significantly. I'm playing around with the team right now.

    Current CRE on TeamUber: 1175.

    I'd say win : loss ratio averages somewhere around 4 : 5.
    I haven't battled much, but my CRE is:
    335 on TeamUber, 757 on Gary Oak.

    I kind of move around because I like to try to take on the new BW Pokémon out on the Gary Oak server. Thanks a lot for your interest! Any other questions are welcome and appreciated.
    Sorry for missing you earlier. I'll be getting online momentarily.
    You enjoy too because I'm giving you THE Bozo's TRUTH(fully REDIS)!! XD
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