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  • I mean my time. I'll jump on the server now since we're both on and try to catch you.
    Sorry I've been kinda slack getting hold of you again. Are you going to be free before the deadline? I could get on almost any time today, or tomorrow 8-10 AM, or 7 PM onwards.
    Sorry I don't get home during the weekdays until 7 PM my time. Could you me on Friday/Saturday afternoon (Saturday/Sunday morning my time)?
    Hey, when are you free for our doubles match? I'm at +12 GMT, and free pretty much any time during the day on the weekends.
    Hey !
    I'll be there from now until the deadline, on Smogon PO OR/AND French Time PO, for the Splashing Snorlax tourney.
    Just meet me :)
    Be a little serious, you were supposed to be here at the WE. I was here all the night of Friday (until the end of the ST, which is 5am for me lol), all the day of Saturday (until very late in the night) and Sunday (until the end of the ST, which is 11pm for me). I'll try to be here when you are on but hey I'm in school, I was able to do it with HSA this WE who is GMT-6, you'll have to do some effort to be here when I can :)
    Hey, do so some effort to be here more often, I'm GMT+1 and yesterday I was here all the day until late in the night, you didnt come...
    11pm is impossible for me, I'll have to be here at 5am or 6am, be serious, I have school tomorrow.
    crap, man. I couldn't get on at all today. Tomorrow is the deadline, but I can't be on much tomorrow either. If you don't see me online tomorrow, tell them that I'm giving you the activity win.
    Oh your schedule works out just fine with my schedule. I don't see any problem getting this done.
    My times on are : 8-9 pm, 11(pm)-5(am) during Pacific standard time

    Our times don't match up very well.
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