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  • sorry mate I don't moderate the OU subforum, i'm afraid you'll have to ask someone else :/
    Hi, I just wanted to tell you about the marked rapid improvement I've seen in your posts. You went from unintelligible English and heavily flawed reasoning to normal English and better reasoning, thoughts, format, et cetera. I'm not an OU mod, but I just wanted to say this because sometimes people aren't told how much they improve and that people notice, nice job!
    What's up Tabuu? I made a new project two days ago, the Defense of the Titans Project, and it would be awesome to see you there. If you are interested in stall, take a look at it and join if you want. If you are interested in stall, but don't know how to build a proper team, no worries. You will find plenty of people to answer your questions in the project.
    You could try out either Landorus-T, Landorus-I, or even Celebi. Landorus-T counters the best fighting type poke with ease, Terrakion, while handling most physical sweepers just fine. If Breloom becomes problematic you can even give him HP Flying insteaf of U-turn to OHKO it. Landorus-I is more of a check to most fighters, and won't take more than one hit from Terrakion, but he is stronger and faster than Landorus-T, meaning more offensive presence. You can either use a special set, or a Scarf set. Finally physically defensive Celebi with Psychic can handle most fighting pokes in the tier at least decently. It is a pretty good check to Keldeo, which is a major threat right now, counters Brerloom, another strong fighter, and helps with your rain weakness. It also handles Terrakion decently, and more pokes such as Conkeldurr and Toxicroak, which could be problematic for your team.
    Tbh i don't know exactly the moves... You have to find them on your own. The easiest thing you can do is pick the top 20-30 pokes in the usage stats and do calcs with the moves of their most common sets.
    For SD + 3 attacks + LO you got it right.
    For SD + 3 Attacks + Yache. It is surely a sweeper to use with a poke that has similar counters and checks. You can do it with two ways. Either weaken the walls that Chomp needs weakened with another poke and then send Chomp to clean the game, not caring about Mamo, Genesect etc, or use Chomp early game to lure Scarf Sect, Mamo etc, and then clean with other sweeper.
    Finally the last set uses SD + Sub + EQ + Outarge/D-Claw + Salac Berry, and yes it is one of the best late game sweepers available. Terrakion is better for this set, but get less set-up opportunities so take your pick.
    Yeah of 'course. Just be sure to make your defense lower than your special defense so that Scarf Genesect can't revenge kill you.
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