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  • Today, tomorrow and on Friday I can't make any schedules in the evening (assuming your timezone). I'll be free tomorrow from 4 AM to about 11 AM, and on Friday from 4 AM to 7 AM and I'll also have lots of free time this weekend, probably from about 3 AM to 5 PM both days, though that won't be useful if you're not available anyway. I don't know for sure when I'll have free time next week, but I won't be available later than about 5 PM; mostly from 1 PM to 4 PM probably and at varying times earlier on.
    Question, do you frequently play VGC? Rofl. If so i'm probably boned. But yeah I work early to late every day this week but i can work it out over the weekend bud.
    Okay well I didn't catch you last night (since I thought you couldn't play on a Saturday.)

    I'll be on pretty much all day today. Hopefully we can get this done.
    I'm available now til like 6 hours from now if you're willing to play.

    Also best if you play me now I lost all my teams and have this crappy experimental team only ready to go, so if you like easy wins.
    I'm GMT -5 so that's good. If we can play sometime this afternoon/evening that'd be pretty sweet.
    Well unless you are going to be on again tonight, I should be able to play on Sunday. I'm in EST right now, and I can probably play whenever is best for you.
    I have the utmost respect for the Spoinks. Either them or the Thunder over Miami/Boston in any case.

    Just drop a line when you're ready to trade.
    hello im gmt +12 and i guess since im into the latter stages of the tournament, id like a bit of time to prep

    weekend sounds good
    I was smart about it, I only watched the first two and the second half of the last one. If viewers thought they had it bad, think of poor Nagato ;_;

    Although I do intend on marathoning it sometime soon, after I'm done with finals and such.
    Disappearance was amazing, but doesn't compensate for the Endless Eight IMO.

    I'm really hoping for a third season along the way.
    I especially love his English VA. All their English voices are good.

    Nagato in Disappearance. So. Adorable. <3
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