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  • I wish my school was like that.
    well thats not fair, my school don't have that.
    I Can't Wait For CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They ditched. lol jking. That is weird though....
    Oh. how many kids are in your grade?
    we only have like maybe 90 kids in my grade. ya small school.
    I am so mad at my report card. i changed my grades with pencil to A's. i have 3 A's and 2 B's and 1 C's. my C i changed to an A. i showed it to mom and shes like thats not legit. im like ya it is.
    ya i kinda figured but wanted to be sure.
    i got mine changed for the trimester, every trimester it changes.
    The reason you aren't in the names of the mon's in my Nuzlocke is because it's a CAP ASB one.

    Though you do have a profile in ASB, you aren't active so I didn't add you :(

    I plan on doing a HG Nuzlocke Randomizer After I get done with this.

    Anyway, how have you been? How is your Nuzlocke so far?
    ok no need to brag about it. :( lol jking.
    i would of said "happy thanksgiving." but idk where you live if they even have that....
    soo. hows school. i got my schedule changed.
    oh by "them" i mean my younger siblings, plus bobby. even though he IS older than me.
    i think mines the 20th. thats no fair you get out earlier. :(
    oh that sounds fun. i guess all i have is when my parents go out and get more tattoos that i have to watch them. other than that. nothing. that i know of.... i jut can't wait for school to be on Christmas break.
    thats gay. it should. but thats good. i would probably fail. so glad im in America! where i can be stupid, yet graduate. :) well at least at this school.
    ok i will later. maybe. if im not that lazy.
    im finish with finals, for now. i cheated on one-i mean i thought it was a group test and only my friends and i knew about it. ya. anyways.
    it can't be lower that a 100%. it can't go to a 60% or 70%?
    wicket? uh i don't know what that is. i asked Brutaka and he didn't make sense.
    I have finals, ugh i don't like it, im gonna fail. so anything new?
    I honestly once again don't know what's going on. I don't know why and doubt my execs would do anything. I suggest you might find the culprit in the admin or officer sections

    Btw we are looking for new execs. Go to ranks and join our discussion
    Look man I been got for a week too and just got back. I have no idea what you say. I can't control all of my execs.
    i feel like a good big sister because my little brother was getting bullied by this girl. she rides my bus, so i decided to talk to her, (i alread talked to her sister before and it continued.) i told her something like " You need to stop bulling my little brother, i already talked to your big sister about it and the bus driver, it needs to stop....don't lie to me, you just told him very rudely 'if you don't like it, then don't sit back here'. i can't stand it when people lie to me." then she passed a note to my little brother which he wrote a note on for me to read and said not to read the other page; i read it anyways. i told her " Im not being mean im being honest. he tells me that in class you stab him with a sharp pencil. if this continues i will talk to my older brother who is best friends with the principals son, or i will personally walk to the elementary school and talk to him myself." my little brother says i made her cry. *they are both in fourth grade* I should of felt bad, but i didn' whats up?
    and again this time, well you see, my computer wont load this fast, so i have to go into the living room one and my little brother is usually on it. OH! I dyed my hair blue. oh! and i played with fire and chemicals...together. oh! plus i held lots of snakes last Tuesday. i like snakes. :) ok so whats up?
    Lol I took honors geometry last year as a freshman.

    Anyways you need to drop TRC. Remember you were close to becoming an exec before you left,

    anyways we have other stuff to focus on...
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