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  • I probably can't play in the regional, but it'll be good to see who wins. You'll be fine :)
    Hey I have a few questions for you and your brother about kingdra. Please get back to me soon!
    Do you have any interest in making a fake Pokémon game, or at least creating trainers for it? You seem to know a lot about how Game Freak designs the game.
    It was a pleasure battling you today, man - even if I lost :). Did you make Nationals?
    Hey TRE do you have the speed tiers for the subway so I can work out how many IVs etc I need for sets, in particular scarf? Thought you'd be the guy to ask cos your awesome at the frontier and I think you were the one who helped me last year with the same problem except for the tower. Thanks man
    Sweet, thanks. I was having some difficulty with that. None of my male hoothoots like my female togepi.
    Also I've never seen a marowak in the Battle Tower. I have another question, how do you breed a togepi to know follow me and foresight? Female togepi with follow me, male hoothoot with foresight?
    STAB earthquake from a rhyperior/mamoswine would likely OHKO a bronzong, would it not? Or is the point that because bronzong may have levitate, and they won't hit your flying-type partner, they won't even attempt it?
    I was actually planning on using those. But I don't want to waste a moveslot on dusknoir, so I was contemplating another with trick room in the moveset. Maybe a relaxed porygon2, max hp, split defenses, I could play around with the other 3 moves.
    That's what I thought, I like him better too. I'm pretty pumped for a trick room team, I already have a curse/gyro ball steelix, two shuckles, and two marowaks that could be of use. What do you think of slowking as a trick room user? Max hp, max sp atk. Say, trick room, flamethrower, ice beam, grass knot/disable. Something like that.
    Nice. I've been working on a weakness-less team for some time. This is also the first time experimenting with a trick room team. What's good about endeavor is that it does not matter if physical walls are sent out. It's good to know that the battle tower doesn't actually adapt to your team, that's comforting. One more thing, is opting for togekiss over togetic merely for posterity's sake? Because they can have identical movesets, and togetic probably has at least 1-2 less hp than togekiss. Though since steel and ground have such good type coverage the difference between 10 and 12 damage is hardly consequential.
    And your new team works, more or less, on explosion/self-destruct to take out all of the other team? With foresight and gravity nearly ensuring this. I tried this with metagross (explosion), togekiss(protect+follow me), muk(explosion), and gengar(destiny bond), but found it unusable after 14 battles because my opponents began sending out bastiodon, aggron, cradily, steelix, probopass, skarmory, shuckle, etc. Togekiss with aura sphere helps, but can't attack the turn of explosion, and is usually KO'd with a subsequent stone edge. In cases like these, do you just trick room earthquake/endeavor everyone? Also, since you're clearly a doubles veteran, can you verify my hunch that the battle tower NPC's send out pokemon your team has trouble with? When I use zapdos/electivire, they send out gastrodon and swampert. When I use weavile/togekiss, they send out entei, charizard, houndoom, etc. Is the trick to find a team that has no shared weaknesses?
    With regards to your doubles team, why did you opt for heatproof on bronzong when snorlax has earthquake? Is it to more fully counter moltres, heatran, entei etc. Which leads me to my second question of why rain dance over say, toxic on starly? For the same reason? I also had a thought that a lvl 14 staravia would likely still be slower than most, even trick room, pokemon AND have the intimidate advantage over starly, thoughts?
    Hi, TRE, isn't a lvl 2 Follow Me Togekiss illegal, since Togetic learns it at lvl 24 ?
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