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  • I have a spare Choice Band AND Spec (900 of each actually xD). (you can have them for free if you want, but a credit would be nice two xD ) (your choice, but you should know that this is only in Gen 4 that I can trade, I don't know if you wanted this in 5th Gen... )
    OK give me rotom and swampert Eved.Pick the stuff you want and lets schedule a time to trade
    Na de examens.
    En trouwens, Garchomp zit ni in Uber om daar sterk te zijn, die zit daar omda die te sterk is voor OU. Blaziken zit ook in Uber, en die wordt daar geowned. :P
    Well, the thing I always had against Drain Punch on Mienfoo was that Mienfoo really isn't capable of taking hits; if she's getting hit, she needs to skedaddle. That's why Regenerator is so amazing on her, but Drain Punch is underwhelming. There aren't many situations where you think "man I'd love to keep my Mienfoo in, but she's low on health" and Drain Punch can come save the day. And outside of a situation like that, Drain Punch just feels useless next to HJK that almost hits twice as hard as it does (albeit with a 10% chance of KO'ing yourself, essentially).
    I'm not very experienced with any competitive battling stuffs, but I like it with HJK / U-Turn / Hidden Power / Substitute. With Regenerator and U-Turn it can easily recover any health it sinks into Substitutes, and the Substitutes can really help keep it's frail self a live even in the face of huge opposition. Hit most mons with ridiculously strong HJK, hit fliers with HP Ice and U-Turn away from psychics, it's got pretty good coverage all around with that.
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