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  • Hey we get to play again! I don't have a team I'm comfortable with so I'd rather play later in the week, and considering our time zone conflict the weekend sounds like a good time. I can give you a concrete time as Saturday / Sunday approaches but until then I'd like to test teams, unless you're not going to be available that weekend.
    Anyway we could do this at 9:30pm (GMT)? Im playing table tennis til 9. Please reply to tell me if this is fine
    Well I wouldn't know that since I don't lead UU haha. You'd be better off asking kokoloko about that :p.
    when du want to play for the farm league? I can do ps from 5pm to about 12pm (GMT) most days. why don't we say Thursday at 10pm? please reply back if this is possible and if not then please tell me a time.
    Oi when do you want to play for farm league? I'd prefer not to battle until around the 2nd or 3rd of January. My hours are going to be weird because break but I'll probably be online more often than not, and if I'm on IRC at #nuggetbridge then I'm definitely able to battle.
    i will be on for most of today. send me a pm to battle today since i pretty much can't battle at any other time this week.
    we have to play for OST9. im gmt -3, i'd like to get this done asap preferably sometime on the 12th. let me know
    Forgot it was bo3. We need to complete the other 1/2 matches some other time. When are you generally available?
    I'm always on IRC, you can just use the link in the Frontier thread (first message) and leave me a PM there, i'll reply asap if i can play or not.
    We have to play for the no arceus tournament. Preferably find me on irc, or just VM me when you want to play and we'll get on PO.
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