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  • Hmmmm, this reply might be a billion months late, but still xD. But yeah, shiny chatot is awsome! Planning on getting 2 shiny chattots, and shiny )that desert plant) as sweet center xD
    Ok so I'm having the right parent for the blue one, will have it done in a few more minutes. Let me know when and where (4th/5th) you want to pick them up :)
    Yo dude, I was pretty busy with school and 5th gen abuse, but I got the first Shiny Shellos! xD

    It's Pink, Flawless, Calm and has Storm Drain. Once I got the right parent for the Blue, HP Fighting Modest version, I'll breed that and tutor them Earth Power. :)
    tesse,sorry to disturb you but you know where i can find info in hatching shiny eggs on other people carts?I tried but failed terribly...i just changed the sid and TID to someone else and pressed search on timer finder....I made absolute sure i hitted the shiny frame but it dint hatched shiny on the other person game :(
    Hey, if you need any help with your guide or something else (I'm good at moral support :P) lemme know! I feel invincible now that I've bred three shinies XD
    I'm glad to help, and I enjoyed your French Pokemon. :3 I hope to study abroad in France someday.
    I got the berries, so I'll spam Kelpsy, then I'll be 100% done!

    EDIT: Which move do I delete? There's Ice Fang, Dark Pulse, what looks like Crunch...and something else. Which do I get rid of for DM?
    Second floor of the Wellspring Cave. You go down the stairs, (NEED FLASH, or follow my instructions) have SURF, surf on the patch of water on the left, hug the wall. Go as far North as you can until you hit the wall, them go right. Get off when you can, and it will be right there.
    Oh, I wish I did. I COULD see if there's a working AR code for my Japanese Black...but apparently just riding around with the Soothe Bell helps. I don't think it's that far from being happy enough.

    Also, Duosion can't learn Focus Blast.
    I'm keeping it in my party while I'm getting the other TMs, hopefully it was just a bit off.
    Hey, I found a website that people can easily use to get their SID. I don't know if it is easier than ir-gts or not, but it doesn't require downloads. Here it is. All you have to do is change your DNS setting and try to send a Pokemon to the GTS, then it will appear on the site and it will show you your SID. I figure you could link to this in the new guide for people that don't have ARs or who don't want to download any programs.
    Apparently the eel can't learn Rock Slide. And I need a tiny bit of time to find the TMs for Focus Blast, Trick Room, and Wild Charge. Otherwise, everything else is done. :3
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