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  • Hey, I'll be on IRC for the next few days. Today getting on it just totally skipped my mind since whenever I was on I was laddering for suspects on the current ladder. Finally got it a few minutes ago using a standard Custap Lead Offense team.
    How do i get into the battling 101 program? Im really new only starting battling 2 days ago and needhelp in OU.
    So glad we're paired up again this round! My schedule will be much less hectic so we should be able to get more an two rounds in this time xD
    yeah sorry, I just got back from a wedding yesterday and was tired. I'm busy tomorrow at like 6:40 pm; would something around 2:30 pm work? I could also do earlier if necessary, and am free on Thursday until about 4:00 pm if that's better. Just let me know!
    I'll be on in about 3-4 hours, and can be on for a while. I'm on Spring Break this week so pretty much anytimes good :)
    I can play this weekend, I'll let you know when I'm ready and online! I'm GMT -5 as well. Nice Gash Bell avatar by the way xD
    Hey dude, I'm on showdown all day today as Kiyo 2 so just drop a PM if you have time
    I know it, I'm sorry I've been so busy. I'll try and catch you on today around 1:30 my time, and if not I'm free all day tomorrow
    hey i'm gonna have to reschedule..., sorry, would saturday after noon before 5 work or possibly after 10? sorry!
    Hey, I'm free these next few days so if you want to and you're free we could have our second meeting!
    hey spl week 3.... i'm gmt-5 anytime after about 6 pm works, more flexible on weekend.. I'd prefer showdown but can play po. Tell me what works for you?
    Sorry I thought I had replied to this, turns out not
    I'm GMT +5, I'll be on at night so hopefully we can play then (around 1am-3am then 4am onwards if the need arises)
    Hey there! Looks like I'm your new tutee :] I'm ready to get started whenever, and I'm available all day tomorrow or most days next week GMT-8 (PST) So just let me know when you're available
    I know it's not your fault but shall we set a specific time to battle? My school opens again tommorow and I won't be online as much as I was until now.I'll try to be online at 11PM(gmt+2) everyday until the end of the deadline.
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