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  • Hello, the haze is way better now, must be the cloud seeding or water bombing thing they're doing in Indonesia

    I'm living in the north-ish area so it's probably not as bad as those in the south
    Yeah, but the surprise factor, and reasonable 85 attack (you said it yourself, Nidoking is the same, just specially oriented rather than physically) with Sheer Force, high powered moves, and LO without recoil, with his typing and defense. I thought it was a good set.
    Hey, I just saw your Steelix set that got rejected or whatever (Life Orb, Sheer Force, STAB moves and coverage moves) and I thought it was great and works far more than the people in that thread give credit for. Works better than Nidoking, IMO.
    Yeah, I normally don't but I was just sick and tired of ginganinja, you should see how angry we are at them in our skype chat..
    Hi, we're paired for the mini RU tourney. Unfortunately, at the moment it looks like I'll only be able to go on late at night tomorrow (10 MSTish), but I'll VM you again if my schedule frees up a bit, since I might be able to be on early Saturday.
    I think under Settings, there's a pop-up window where you can adjust all your preferences and settings.
    i noticed your chinese irc problems on omicron's wall

    what client are you using?

    if its a pc-based (like mirc) then you can go into preferences and adjust your character set. use unicode utf-8 for the best results

    if it's mibbit you need to adjust browser settings to be able to handle chinese characters (most browsers come equipped with utf-8 as standard)

    also make sure everyone is using the same character encoding because if someone is using utf-8 but you are using guobiao, then their characters will be squares for you and your characters will be squares for them

    hope this helps
    I am Chinese, though born in America. I speak Cantonese at home and I learned Mandarin + Chinese characters in high school for about 4 years :)
    Thanks a lot! As for your question, what we are aiming for is a good translation, not necessarily a word for word translation. So basically, for everything other than the stuff that already has standardized translations such as the moves, abilities, natures, etc, we want creative translations that actually make sense. Obviously we cannot translate everything exactly as it is written in English, so a bit of creativity and freedom is allowed, especially for the articles which are going to be our biggest task.
    Yes, but as of this moment, Bloo has locked all the threads in the translations forum, and is currently reorganizing it, so it's probably best to wait until he finishes
    I'd recommend getting in contact with the other two who intend on translating the moves, and then start working on it :)

    It's no rush, we're still trying to figure everything out, so we'll keep you updated :)

    Thanks a lot for your willingness to help! Much obliged, especially since this is such a huge project.
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