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  • Thanks a lot for responding to my message (not). I had to find out a month later that trivia hunt was for nothing. Good job at encouraging new people to play this.
    I wish you were real. We could eat ice-cream and go skiing and hit on chicks and stuff.

    It's so lonely in my life without you.

    then explain this - how the fuck are any of these pokes more broken than dragonite, yet they end up in ubers?
    wifi Blaziken (without speed boost) - wtf is he doing in ubers, really?
    Darkrai - sleep clause stops any darkrai being broken as does mach punch.
    Deoxys (any form except attack - which is still questionable).
    Excadrill - people still complain about this guy? he is so average taking sand storm out of the equation, and even with it has a fair few hard counters.
    Garchomp - WTF people really think sand veil is broken? yet multiscale and recovery move is not, thats just irish - his ability hardly ever even works and yet again you must rely on weather just for the CHANCE it will work.
    Rayquaza - ok this guy is good, but i would much rather have him in my face than Dragonite in ou. Defensively he blows and is easy to revenge.
    Shaymin - s - this one makes me laugh, who decided he was uber anyways?
    Thundurus - annoying but by no means broken - Dragonite is both (annoying AND broken).
    sort it out smog - dragonite is fucking uber and you know it. how the fuck does chomp and exca get bummed to ubers yet THE most broken pokemon this gen does not? you wont allow drizzle swim but you will allow amazing stats, movepool and multiscale all on one poke. people talk bout rocks but who uses dragonite w/o magic bounce or spin? you know he is next to impossible to stop just with roost and multiscale yet you still allow him in the tier? fuck sake chomp blows hard cock compared to dragonite this gen.
    hi why did I get nominated for biggest upset when I was the favorite going into the tournament???
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