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  • yeah like i said, you did the right thing there. maybe switch something out for a Drapion or something, or a phazer. that'd probably help you a lot with your Ghost susceptibility.
    gg man. yeah i use the same build as your last poke on another team of mine, and i try to keep it hidden until the opponents Ghost is gone, hopefully until i know the way is clear for a sweep. but then again, your scared out my bear that also would have wreaked havoc, so that was a good move too.
    aight ill be there! but it might be me i just wanted to try to see if my connect is good its been messing up
    haha, i was wondering about that. ;) good game man. i should have kept Ursaring around longer, was afraid letting him die was going to lose me the match. D:
    don't worry about it, I think you just overpredicted a little. And yeah, I was terrified of a stone edge every time your scarfer came out, but I was in luck this time!
    gg. I've got to record from the battle recorder, narrate and upload, and then I'll post the link here, it might not be until a ways later tonight.
    i'd like to rematch you sometimes it would be fun
    like i said you played a great match you are a great player but the burn certianly mattered
    dont sell yourself short bud you are great. lol and idc if you would of killed primape i would of just exploded on what ever killed it and won unless the poke you are reffrencing to is mismagius
    dont worry i'm not pissed at you it was a fun game and all but my luck sucks or yours is really good i just saw the post about all the crits you got man you're a hax and dont record battles without your opponents permission is another thing.
    no actually I would of busted your sub with tomb then just taken out your moltes with nidoking sucker punch which i guarentee you would of worked then tortera would of died to primeape ice punch and yeah trust me i knew every move i was gonna make before i made it and i knew the ones you were gonna make to only thing is burn made spiritomb to weak to do anything
    fire blast burn hax won that . GG kiddo
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