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  • its really important that you fill that form out, since it helps us improve battling 101 as well as helps make me a better tutor
    Hey man we have to play for the RU open. Sorry, I was on vacation before, so I'm contacting you now. I'm EST, GMT-4. I can't really give you a specific time, because I'm preparing for college stuff now, so I don't really exactly know when I'll be free (aside from today...I can definitely do today!) Could you give me some times and I'll see which I can do? Please say you can play today though lol.
    Same time should be fine. If you're on earlier, I don't mind getting them done then.
    I've been having problems with PS recently, haven't even been able to stay connected. If possible, I'd prefer if we did our games on PO1 or 2.
    Hi I'm officially your tutor now :) feel free to find me on IRC whenever, whats your timezone btw?
    Usually I would just get it over with, but tbh RU isn't a tier I regularly play so I need to build a couple more teams and test them, perhaps later on next week if it's acceptable for you too.
    We gotta play for the RU Open. Timezone is GMT+1 atm. I'm around 11pm onwards most nights. Any particular time you wanna play?
    Oh true... one whole year.
    My bad.
    I hope you're enjoying the SH51 though. Feel free to extend over to the Man Cave as well. (Link is in description of group)
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