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  • ya sure no problem lol. not xats, i use irc on Synirc where althe smogon people are
    how often do you think you will be on? if you are online often you could just ask if i can tutor you now (ask bloo), if you wont be online incredibly often then i think its just better to wait causae its been 2 weeks already
    honestly i dont know when rounds begin or start because i dont care i just help anyone who asks me xD so if its cloes to the beginning of the round, i would say hopin otherwise just wait
    lo its cool. just sign up next round and say i agreed to tutor you. or you can pm blue and tell him i agreed to tutor you this round. either way is cool just tell me which one
    hey man im your tutor for this round, so when are you on lol. we should talk!
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