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  • yes the can actually, thats why people rarely use the now. ludicolo fake out speeding pokemon and supereffectiveness prevent terrawhim from doing any harm.
    yes but you could have a counter for it as well. My point is there were so many common weaknesses, that those teams would be fragile any other time. I cant believe terrakion was so popular with all the conkeldurs with mach punch running around.
    Yeah, the fusion sounds a good idea =) and yeah, i have pokemon Wifi if you mean the random battles on that
    yeah but a scarf cyrogonal would have sewwped a lot and 2 vunerable to rock is never good with archy and terrakion around.
    Yup, in my opinion i think both teams were bad. so many common weaknesses, matteo gini's 3rd round team had 3 pokes vunerable to ice and 2 to rock. There could have been a much more exciting worlds battle in my opinion.
    Dude, im so sorry but i have had to abandone my work. It was f-AWFUL. If there is anything else i can make feel free to ask, like a plane gengar, but this was a bit too much for now.
    Thanks for the feed back on my rotation set. It will probably take me a while to get the hang of it because sometimes I am a can't see the forest for the trees kind of guy. I have to work a little today, so I might drop in when I take a break, but then I am out and about town the rest of the day, taking my daughter to the mall to shop for dresses and going to visit my grandmother in the nursing home.
    yes, its the music that plays during the fight between the two people who battle for number 1 at the world championships(which last year was rizzo and matteo gini. also for juniors and seniors but that battle is more known) it never plays anywhere else. ive never been to one im going to this year, going to make it to worlds at the very least. Also you shouldve seen the people at worlds:
    They cheered so loud whenever he took the lead and when he won they screamed:
    USA!! USA!! USA!! USA!!!
    and for a very good reason, that you might know.
    Then theres national, aka all the country's best players. Now its usually best out of 3 battles per two people; the one with 2 wins, wins. And so on until someone gets #1. People in 4-8-1 gets trips, etc. to worlds.

    Then finally there's WORLDS( i think the name of it is self explanatory). You NEED an invite to go no matter what. Its always best out of 3, single immediate elimination if someone loses two battles in a round. The players compete until someone get world champ title.

    Note: nats requires invite normally but THIS year anybody can go. They have 3 divisions based on age: junior(12 or younger) senior (13-18) and masters(19-?) theres a world champ for each division. Ray rizzo(master division) aka bluecookies on here won world champ in both 2011 and 2010.
    dang sorry i was out for a while. Yes it is basically. It goes like this:

    It's a double battle tournament in which each person has 6 pokemon(in the battle box) they use 4 each battle. No two same pokemon or items allwoed, all get put to 50, and everything that can be used in the subway can be used here(note sky drop and dark void are banned.) First there's a regionals, everyone in the region battles(for example there one in philidelphia in april 15th):One battle per two people takes place. if someone loses they get put 1 loss and you get one win, advancing to next round. You have to have 6 rounds of victory, thus beating the 2nd place person. People who come in top 4-1 or 1-8 get prizes and invites to nationals and other prizes including money 3ds's and more (the person in 1st gets a prepaid trip to nats in indianopolis, 2nd/3rd/4th place get 600-300 dollars for it.)
    -_- dang it, so i take you've never been to one. You should theyre awsome, i can explain the rules quickly
    I see you are battling, while your at do you do vGC style? cause id like to do that but singkes is fine with me.
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    So you befriend me by sarcastly impressing yourself throumy Team. Let me assure you it's small, but growth comes with time.
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