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  • GG, man. Nice team you have, I noticed you used UU-Nu pokes.When I make my UU team, I'd glad to battle you.
    If you don't have a battle right now then I'd be able to do a double battle. VM me if you're interested.
    NVM, I guess we can have a double battle another time. I don't think that there is a thread for double battles, you just say that you want a double battle when you post in the "Battle Me" thread.
    Hey, you still there? I can do a double battle if you want. OU double, regular clauses and such. VM me if you want to.
    The team was a fail XD. Sorry about the Garchomp, I had this for another site. I forgot. Would you like to battle my real team? (with a different one of yours)
    BTW, this team I'm using is full of the first 6 pokemon I found in my PC that would work for this kind of team. Its a random test of how well they do on thier own. If you want I will get a more competitive team for a rematch after. Just let me know with a VM.
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