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  • No problem, you're the one who did all the work to get it, after all.
    I should be thanking you, not the other way around :P
    themantyke, remember our pending trade on IRC? to save us both time, don't you have a link on pokecheck of your 4th gen EVed stuff?
    tehmantyke your trash rematch me and ill destroy you with my real team. Your a coward who hid behind leech seed and ttar sand a textbook strategy used by local scrub everywhere. Trash to the upmost of extent.
    Thank you for making your pokemon available for free for VGC players. I used your Terrakion and Hitmontop, and they really helped me out.
    not sure if playing random matchups on wifi is a good confidence booster

    or if I'm just getting my hopes up by beating noobs
    Your just a gay (BAN ME PLEASE) that thinks its fun to run around correcting grammer, who gives a shit about somebody elses things
    Hey Mantyke i was looking to get some guys from your thread for me and a friend's teams (out of the fully trained section)
    -Scarf Jellicent
    -Shiny metagross
    Thanks again!!
    >should be studying for impending exam

    >browses smogon instead

    I just noticed you have two male ralts on your thread, so just for clarification, I'm talking about the adamant one that knows mean look, will o wisp, shadow sneak, and ice punch. You can delete will o wisp for drain punch. Will o wisp is a TM in 5th gen, so I can always re teach it to him if I need to.
    Let me guess. You have WPA security on your router, right?? If yes I have the same problem so I completely understand. I just wanted him to learn one 4th gen move before he gets traded to my white version. If you could just teach him drain punch that would be awesome.
    Yes, I can wait. Is he available in fourth generation btw?? If so, I may ask you to evolve him to teach him some moves which are impossible to get in 5th gen.
    Mantyke, I left you a message on your thread. I'm very interested in the ralts, but I have been unsuccessful in my attempts at using pokecheck...
    literally anything after thursday at 2 is fine with me

    only thing on my schedule is CS :3
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