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  • 1 RNG abuse is not hacking. Trust me. 2 if they are close to banning you what you need to do is to STOP POSTING until things calm down. Trust me. 3 I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt for the time being but bro, I swear you sound like Mingot trolling me. ;)
    Chaos? Oh, lol, don't even worry about it. He doesn't care. I talked to him personally when we were at Nats. He's busy doing other stuff.
    lol no what i mean is that i am a father. and yeah a lot of them are mean but until the owner does something about it you just gotta deal with it. Oh, and thank you. I guess i'm pretty good at it.
    bro, bro... i know it's cuz you're new, but.. firebot is... well.. ummm... this kind of "clique-ish" "highschool-ish" kind of place where a handful of "mods" bully everybody and force their own brand of humor on everybody.

    I don't care what they think of me there. I'm a happy, well adjusted husband and father, and one of the most successful VGC Players in the United States, if not the World (two time Pokemon World Championship Invitee). Plus over 1/2 of smogon thinks I'm some kind of Demigod for how well I've done in the VGCs and for all of my RNGs that I let out as fully redis.

    Firebot is one big joke. Don't take anything too seriously there. ;)
    Ha! It stands for James, my little (lol he's 23 i don't think he's that little anymore) brother's name.
    Way back in the day (haha) we used to have to share a SNES and so we usually named our characters "MattJames" but most games only let you use 5 didgits so... well.. I'm the older brother... and haha, "MattJ" was born. :3
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