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  • Hey, if you get chance would you be able to look at my triples rmt when you get chance? I'd appreciate your advice seeing as you're the closest thing to an expert on the meta smogon has. Apoliogies for lack of a direct link, will send you one when am not on a phone, its in my sig atm.
    Just on your Move Restriction guide, I have a scenario that is impossible, by its rules. In a battle, my Azelf used Trick, Tricking its Scarf on to the Blissey switch-in. I used Taunt; it failed to use Thunder Wave. The next turn, expecting a switch, I Taunted. The Blissey didn't switch, and instead, it used Seismic Toss. Is this possible?
    Hello I'm greatly interested in double battles and I was wondering what the status of your double battle stategy guide was? Also in response to your double primer I'd like the say that there is a battle simulator called pokemon online that supports double battles.
    Best post in the clauses thread so far, despite being possibly seen as off topic. Especially:

    "There are other players who value other skills. Broad knowledge of Pokémon, probability managemnt, and creativity, to give some examples. These players soon become bored with Smogon's standard metagame and stop playing regularly. I don't criticize them either, but they're certainly not earning a spot on a voting council to determine what should and should not be in Smogon's standard metagame."
    Indeed, Weaviles especially seemed to be on literally every team, and Snorlax also for some reason...

    I definitely will continue to play, especially now Pokemon Online has created dedicated doubles tiers, so I can test teams out much easier. Hahaha, I hadn't actually noticed that pattern, but strangely enough I have been considering making a SS doubles team! I did actually experiment with a UU Ursaring based team as well as a Monofire UU one currently, so the trend might not be fully true :P.

    In any case you've inspired me to go and build another doubles team now, so I'm going to go and have a think about it. Might be a while before it amounts to much though, as I'm going away twice as of tomorrow.
    Thanks :D, it worked out pretty well, did exactly as I wanted it to the first few times I played. I was worried about a weakness to electric attacks but had already made my team by the time I found it, but it never was too much of a problem.

    I got knocked out by the friend of the guy I beat the round before, so he'd probably scouted me. In any case, I made 2 misplays that cost me pretty big in the end, which was annoying: Close Combatting a switching Smeargle instead of Aerodactyl, which my team hates, and Dark Pulsing Smeargle as it switched back in rather than Leaf Storming - it didn't KO.

    People seemed to like my team in any case, which was cool :) and hopefully the guys running it will do some more in the future, so I can refine my team until then. Your advice basically got me into Doubles in any case, so thanks very much again.
    Yeah, that might matter a bit, since the plan is to have a Scarf Revenger with Mirror Move to take advantage of its fairly even Attack stats.

    I haven't battled competitively in a loooong time though.
    I may have found a niche for Pidgeot. Now I gotta test it. :I
    Hey, question about Mirror Move.
    If you switch in to a move to which you are immune, will Mirror Move copy that move on the next turn, even if the foe switches out?
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