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  • NP enjoy the celebi(I'm assuming its for the Victini event right!).
    Sorry I gave you the wrong diamond code >.<, my code is actually 1034 1265 7113
    yea let me boot up my diamond fc is 2537 2727 9489, which fc am i using?
    sorry about missing you friday things came up, I should be on most of the tomorrow(sunday) if you want to trade. My Diamond FC is 2537 2727 9489
    I'll be more available Friday, but I might be able to squeeze in some time tomorrow but very late, around 10-11ish your time. What's your FC, just in case we can get this done quicker sometime? Mine is 3868 4454 3560.
    I'm PST timezone, tomorrow is good for me for most of the day. Friday also works.
    "I have a 30/30/31/30/31/31 HP Grass 70 GAMESTP Raikou from the recent event, but I got it from a giveaway and only have semi-redis rights on it. I still have yet to clone it though"

    That is great, I will be more than happy to accept that for Celebi, I'll even clone it for you if you'd like and send it back. Lemme know when you're available this coming week so we can try and set something up.
    I have a Celebi if you don't mind it being a clone(I clone using AR), my only request is not to redistribute it as it is Modest HP Fire with 31/3/30/30/31/30 for IV's. Just let me know what you have for trade, and worst come to worst I'll take a credit for a Pokemon later in time.
    Sorry, I just logged on and saw your VM. I should be online tomorrow, so I'll try to catch you then.
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