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  • Hey could me and zack drake get an extention for beginning of bw? Our timezones arent helpful with his active hours being my school hours (like now) and vice versa. I will try to find a reasonable time for us to batlle in the near future.
    I used this instead:
    "Ambipom may be outclassed by many Pokemon, its unique qualities make its viability possible."
    If that doesn't work than could you get me an idea of what it should look like?
    I made the changes you requested on my DW Ambipom analysis and changed the status to Copyediting. However, you may want to look over my Overview, as those were much bigger changes, and you said you wanted to look over that.
    Hey, would you mind taking a look at my DW Ambipom analysis again? I made the changes you suggested and I've written the whole thing, so if you'd approve it for GP checks that would be great! Thanks!
    Ahaha totally saw that coming, grats, tobes! Also my hops in #dw disappeared :<
    I just have a couple of analysis to wrap up around c&c so i'll get working on it soon!
    Oh yeah, sorry about that. Been busy with school. I don't have much to do today, so I'll have plenty of time to work on it now.
    Hey, would you mind taking a look at my Vaporeon DW analysis? I made the changes you asked me to and I'm ready for GP checks unless there are things you want me to change. Thanks in advance!
    Oh alrighty then. I didn't realize I needed a write-up before going through QC. Thanks!
    Howdy! I was wondering whether you could look at my DW Dragonite analysis and tell me what I need to add to it. Thanks!
    Hey, do you wanna check off the Vaporeon set? I've made all the comments that I want to make; you can finish it off if you'd like!
    it sucks that you cannot make a friendly, harmless post on smogon anymore.
    oh, sorry - I thought you guys were just going to change the tag to copyediting (instead of posting), and at the time there wasn't anyone on irc to verify, so I just went ahead and trusted shrang on that one. sorry again!
    do you really think i want a higher post count ?_? that was a serious post man regarding my favorite pokemon. thanks for destroying it without need.
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