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  • i apologize for my lack of update, however being banned from the comp (other than homework ofc), as well as going to dc. it'll be up on monday
    Hey Tortferngatr. Sorry to bug you, but can you please update my battle with DarkSlay? It's coming up to 2 days since last action & the DQ Time is 3 days, so can you please update? Thank you in advance.
    Sorry I've had All-State band over the week and could only respond through iTouch. I should be able to be more active starting now.
    I see, well, from here on out, during the battle I'll make sure to use Base Stats as well (though the damage may not change all too much).
    Nature Stars Add or Subtract from the Base (or inpact speed). But as far as damage calculation, the calculator uses Base stats, not Base stars, just since people are more familiar with the Base Stats. In any case the only time Nature's Stack if it's something like a + Nature Attack hitting a - Nature Defense.
    No. I updated the damage calculator and requested dogfish change the Google Docs link. The Calculator now asks you to provide the Pokemon's Base Stats and has values for Positive and Negative natures.
    No, just do it, and you can use them in current battles. This is the first week so I'm still getting used to everything myself.
    Well, the nature will say, "Adds * to Atk, Subtracts * from SpD". Therefore, I interpret that as an addition to the main total of stars. Deck Knight said that if the stars go below 1 then you receive (-1) instead of (-), which means you take 1 more damage and if the stars go above 5 then you receive (+1) instead of (-). So basically as long as it stays within 1-5 stars, the nature ADDs a star to your stats.
    Well, Kaxtar's Riolu's stats look like this:

    HP: 90
    Atk: **** (+1)
    Def: **
    SpA: **
    SpD: * (-1)
    Spe: 60

    It's Naughty Nature, so because of the minus in SpD, Blizzard hits harder and because of the plus in Atk, the Blaze Kick hit harder.
    1st: Riolu has a x4 atk, not x3.
    2nd:I may have accidently counted STAB, so there may be a slight problem there.
    3rd: Offensive nature also means that he gets a x1.5 boost. Therefore, it should be about 30 damage and not 26.
    I know about weaknesses, I plugged everything into the calc. I'm talking about Riolu. Riolu was seeded AND hail was hitting him. Don't forget that.
    I don't believe so. The reason why is that residual damage is happening, plus Tail Glowed Blizzard is much more powerful. Plus, you're forgetting that Blaze Kick is x4 effective against Bug/Grass (Syclar). Unless you included those factors then let me know...
    I recieved your PM and I'm waiting on Finn_Ragetti to PM me his choice. He's not online though so this may take a while =/
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