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  • Sorry for the late replay but sure let me know when. Did you try random wifi in b/w? The gamestop Raikou really dominates.
    Oh, I shouldn't have gave them life orb than. Anyway, I hope so. I have yet to try them on actual battle.
    Yeah, I still have one Raikou on my platinum so I am going to RNG that one separately for the lead set with flawless hp grass this time. It's going to take a while since I keep messing up platinum wondercard abuse. Anyway yeah. In 5th gen, I might change the life orb set to volt change, t-bolt, hp ice/grass, aura sphere.
    I am going for life orb actually. Extremespeed still has its uses. And sure, since you have ev trained so much for me, I wont charge an extra credit for the copy of the Raikous.
    Alright I will be on in a sec. They are on different games so I will be on in both.
    kk, I see. Oh and what moveset did you use for Christian's Raikou? Did you use a life orb set or something like an anti-lead?
    You can but I can't trade until next week. I have a friend who is going to download the Entei events for me on Monday so he is borrowing my games for the weekend.
    Wait, which Shaymin? I think I have one in BL and Uber. Sorry I took so long to reply.
    The spreads are right, thank you. :) You have four credits, just let me know when you want to use them.
    I am only playing Ubers and Dream World Ubers right now but I will make a standard team soon.
    Sure. I'll give you an extra two credits so you have four. Do you want to use any right now or do you want to save them?
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