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  • np :) and enjoy the LC mons! I'll keep checking back to see if there's something I need from your thread :)
    yep; the EV'd version of hypno is fine too. I'll bring all 4 LC mons, just be sure to have enough to trade lol :)
    yep, but I'm tired now, so I'll make the post tomorrow. sorry bout that, but6 I can't think straight when I'm tired :/
    It's actually not all that difficult; most of the stuff I'm doing is just adding and subtracting largish numbers, which isn't very hard at all ;). And I'll post if I find something (I probably will; I'm always on the lookout for good parents for mons)
    Gonna go check it now :) (I've been working on writing a program to help speed up 3rd gen RNG abuse, and it's coming along nicely :D!) anyways, will VM you back (or post in your thread if you want me to ;]) with what I find!
    Oh no! It' just that it was difficult to find a time when we are both on that's all: )
    I appreciate this!
    Hi Trader, if you are still here do you mind changing the Arcanine's name? Thanks!
    The 4 I transfered were Meowth Elekid, Snorunt and Dratini are these okay? either that or I have to transfer the Voltorb.
    Hi there I just got home. I need to transfer those LC Pokes to my Platinum I will let you know when Im done doing that.
    Sure Im just at Wal-Mart lol...waiting in line to pay for my stuff so I will be home shortly ;)
    I like these...all UT plz

    Pokemon XD Duskull
    Bold HP Ground Growlithe
    SelfDestruct Brave Wailord
    Mild Heatran

    Which 4 do you want?
    Yes im going to make a new format is getting messy and crowded so I want to reserve some more posts..I will check your thread :) which lc pokes you want?
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