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  • Thanks for the support sir! Yeah, it's sad, but it still ain't bad considering it's my first CAP. I'll definitely stick around for the next one =)
    I'll give you one more day before I DQ you. SoS would rather call it now, but I would really like to earn more than 3 RC for a nearly-finished Brawl.
    I know you haven't been on in a while, but if you get this, you have until 6 PM Monday the 17th EST to send in Brawl actions. If you don't, I'll have to DQ you. :/
    Sorry to bother you again, but it turns out I closed the window regarding challenges instead of updating the post. If you could edit your challenge post accordingly, that'd be great!
    Castle will be going up soon, so reply to this to let me know you're still up for the test.

    e: It's up. You have until tomorrow to claim your spot as the Castle tester.
    I reffed R2 of your Brawl. If you want it finished before deadline, you should probably PM me actions today.
    I'm about to lose as Ingo for the first time. BS Kax. Also, sucks when that happens :S
    Order once more, broseph. What SDS said in the chat really got to me - fuck keeping to RD's philosophies, better to do what's right and keep with the spirit of ASB. Sorry for even considering being such a douchebag.
    i'm in the proccess of fixing it, but a last minute thing means it will be posted first thing tommorow

    either way i should be in bed already
    Yeah, I can get it up kinda soon. I almost had it done last night, but my internet failed on me, so I'm redoing it real quick.
    Ferrothorn is already in the brawl. Magnemite and Drilbur are your gym mons not in the subway, if that's what you're going for.
    I'm reffing your brawl against jas61292, and I'm taking the other brawl myself. PM me the team against jas when you can.
    lol just letting you know that i edited my latest update. pignite actually died that round hahaha.
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