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  • I believe we haven't been introduced. I've been up and down the ranks of TRC when battlestar was in charge. From the time when bs got banned from smogon, I was left without direction. I can only speek for myself. absent I was. I will follow TRC orders without Question. I am yours to command. Boss.
    TRC Boss Lux
    TRC Boss Lux
    If you were in any group that Battlestar was in charge of, it was most certainly not TRC, regardless of what it was being called. I created TRC and I have never not been in charge of it. When I went on hiatus, so did TRC, as well as the mods. You can find the main group on FB, it will be under Team Rocket Corporation.
    TRC Boss Lux
    TRC Boss Lux
    Not to be confused with the page that Battle Start will be the one with hundreds of followers, not 20. We communicate there and meet up on here as well as other sites. You're welcome to join.
    WHOA? LIVE?!?! Are you CRAZY?!!!!!!!! That means...I would like...have to go out..........there omg. Help. LOL

    Alright =p I really do think you're gonna love this haha

    Hmm good to know =p We can set up a play date for our dolls haha
    Haha =p
    Aww - if its too much of a hassle I can just try and google some - dont want to stress you! And yes, I know you are a monster ... in more ways than one lol! =p

    Wow really? I was not aware he was that rare oO! Do you have one? That's crazy haha. I totally am going to buy that I think lol
    Haha don't fret! S'all good =p I just want to be able to surprise you with something (just pretend you don't know something is coming HAHA - who said that ;p). Hahaha 900?! jesus you are a monster lmao =p

    $25?!?!?!?! OMG MINE
    Hey you! I still need that pokeball thing whenever you can however what Im doing with it is a surprise =p
    One more thing about the tournament is you might want to cut it down to 16 or less people. I just have a feeling we won't have to many participants.
    Lol i come back to see that you have a couple of 13 year olds threatening to beat you. Some ones been productive

    Aw man speaking of Penn I have a crapload of homework due so I will have to cut this riveting conversation on how much you hate children short.
    Meh still seems fun at least for me it would've only been a day for extra credit :p

    Yeah, but not so soon.
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