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  • Can you give me a scramble challenge, I saw you are the meanest challange giver, thus i would like to have a challange from you, in the scramble thread you will see one of my post and click in my signature for details, you can give hard challange
    Same here. im not a psyched as i used to be competative wise. tho some tiers are still fun. Just took a look at balanced hackmons an it seems fun too C: an also VGC is faster than doubles. No sleep clause. item clause. pokemon clause. and only 4 pokemon per game chosen out of 6.
    xD you should try VGC then C: its practicly OU doubles without the legends. or Plain-ishness
    Ikr. im more of a VGC, NU UU guy myself now C: anythin that aint plain an boring.
    Alright, that's fine, I can use that. He also allows me to bypass the Nuzlocke rule and get extra Pokemon which is kind of nice.

    Looks like ill be making heavy use of the PC item storing feature and/or converting every item I don't need into money.
    I saw your gauntlet, and it IS accepted, I'll edit it when I'm not using my iPhone.

    You and Jimera have both given me reasons to stock up on Potions (X items are more expensive then standard 20 HP potions). The only reason I accepted was because if I play well, I will never have anything faint, and thus won't have any need to use your challenge.

    Does the gauntlet apply if I use your Pokemon when it's not required to be in to grind?
    "I gave until 12:00 so you had time after the 11:30 am deadline to edit in a checklist. It wasn't up until 12:01. So you missed two deadlines. :("

    I was never told that you extended the deadline.

    "Also, you said use his sword against bigger foes, and his gun against smaller foes (or vice versa, I can't be stuffed to check right now)."

    This same vagueness came from your Asuka Challenge, which you never specified there, expecting the challenger to know what you mean.

    As expected, You only wanted to get out of the challenge, because you knew that you were screwed from the start. So you set a deadline that I realistically could not reach due to irl things, & you never specified that a check-list was required from the start from the initial challenge post.

    I think it might be safe to say that you are a chicken for not accepting. :)
    Another Struggle Challange? It's the guys first post and you impose this on him? o.O Not bad.
    Sorry to do this, but I think that I'll make a few Yu-Gi-Oh based challenges :)

    I have gotten to the point in one of my games where I can use 1 banned card, so I usually choose that Spirit monster you based your challenge on (Why is that thing so freaking hard to spell D: )
    Just to double check; are you connected to the correct server ( and joining the #scramble channel? Most mistakes when joining anywhere on IRC are caused by typos, so check for those in particular. I'd definitely be seeing you right now if you were in the right place :p
    Oh I know they can handle links but the time effort ratio in a time constricted setting (hence the ipod) is far too inefficient. Were I on my comp I could go find it reasonably easily. It's possible that the stats were posted in the brightpowder vote thread in PR though i dont recalll that accurately.
    More convenient to respond here.

    On My ipod so no links for you, sorry.

    Never said it was :P I have no opinion on the subject at present, my only current interest is to clarify. Ommon misconceptions to ensure unbiased opinions. (not saying yours is :p)
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