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  • I know I'm being annoying and really repetitive now but I really do need that Landorus clone for battle subway and trading and suchlike and suchwith (are either of those words?).
    I don't mind if you can't trade right now (because of the Internet problems and that) but could you just tell me around about what day/week you can (or if it's the unfortunate case that you might never be able to trade) please?
    Thanks. (god I sound formal sometimes)
    Hi! Haven't VM'd you in months. I was just wondering if you were available to trade me a clone of my Landorus yet; I need it for Battle Subway. VM me whenever you're online please. ^^
    I forgot to tell you that I don't really go on IRC too much. I'm on the server most of the time. Can you battle tomorrow?
    GMT +0 here. Even though I have school, I can be online most afternoons to battle.
    Hey, in case you win your battle on the RU tournament, I'll have to battle you next round. What's your GMT?
    Hey, I'm letting you know I extended your RU Tour match by two days, so please get it done.
    Sorry, I've been extremely busy lately. Didn't see you on tonight, hopefully you'll be on tomorrow night?
    We're matched for the ru tourny. My time zone is gmt -5 and incould do it 8-9 mon and weds, sat and Sunday.
    Sure, no problem. xD

    Any good times for you to trade tomorrow or does it just depend on the weather? :P
    Nice, you got the nickname xD

    Should I go into the BW room for the clone now then or does your DS need more charge?
    Oh right, I hate it when that happens xD
    See you then.

    Whoops, forgot about the nn thing, just remembered it's not changeable. My bad.
    Nope, why does that keep happening? 0_o Maybe we should try again in a couple mins?

    This might be a bit late, but since it didn't work there now, do you mind nicknaming it Barack please? It's fine either way though.
    Sorry again about all the VMs (I'm just in need of that clone and Abomasnow) but are you available to do the rest of the trade now please? If you're busy then that's fine, just VM me whenever you have a spare second even if I'm not online (I'll probably be checking it a minute later, I don't have much of a life :P).
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