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  • In case you didn't saw my mail, can you help me hatch my egg with sv427 please?
    I saw your email np. I added you so anytime you are online I will hatch it ^^
    Could u pls help me hatch an egg with SV 427? My FC is 2208-5577-6583. IGN slim shandy. Thx in advance!
    I'd also like to make you notice that Rock Slide should do 19 dmg just like Ice Punch: (8 [Base Power] + 4.5 [Stat Difference]) * 1.5 [Super-effective] = 18.75 rounded at 19. Now, it probably won't matter because Ice Punch should KO, but, you know, every bit counts^^
    You made a mistake in your reffing, Master Bane ordered to dodge only if I had used Yawn. I didn't, so he should simply use Hypnosis (and miss), while I would use Ice Punch (and hit)
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